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A cross-training community for skaters or anyone wanting to get skater fit

Train like a professional athlete from day one! XSkate Fit ("cross-skate fit") was created for anyone who loves to skate and wants a fun and effective workout on the ice, with roller skates or in your athletic shoes. These workouts combine different cross-training exercises and interval training methods with on and off-ice skating technique.


Skaters of all ages, abilities and disciplines are welcome to participate in the new and exciting programs that XSkate Fit has to offer. Join the community of past and present professional figure skaters, hockey pros, coaches and recreational skaters who have all joined in on the fun. 



To provide an all-inclusive and uplifting community where skaters can unite in their passion for skating and fitness. We want to give skaters a safe place to move their bodies and enhance their athleticism while utilizing and improving their technical skating skills. XSkate Fit strives to promote a positive mind & body relationship for all skaters. This community is a place to feel united and empowered in your own individual journeys towards living your best life. Working out is not just about seeing the physical results, but about feeling strong, confident and inspired by yourself each and every day. 

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"You will get out of this whatever you put in, but the best results happen when you're following your passion."

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